Mar 14

Llunática 2013: VI Campeonato de España de Bike Design Show en Marina d’Or®

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Mar 14

Hiring the best web designer

If you are a start up business and want to make its presence felt in the web then you may need to hire a web designer to make it possible. However, choosing the right kind of web designer may look difficult for you if you are not aware of the website building.  Here we give you some tips that may come in handy when you decide to select a particular web designer of your fancy.

The first thing you should clarify with the web designers is whether they write the content of the website they build. A web designer who writes copy is more with the pulse of a website so choosing one would be the best choice for you. But a more rational advice is that the content should be written by you and may be spruced up by the designer because you know what you want from the business so you can phrase the content better. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Michael Embacher – Cyclepedia: Design Meets the Bicycle

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Jan 14

BELL HELMETS SHORTY CARBON – Distributed by Bike-Design Benelux

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Jan 14

Contribution of web development in education

In recent times web development has played a major part in the sphere of education and continues to be effective in assisting students to earn degrees in various subjects. The online learning is a new concept introduced by web development and millions of students across the world have benefited from this development. The online education is beneficial in several ways and also a convenient of learning for students who cannot afford to go to schools and colleges for some reasons or others.

This medium is also beneficial for getting diplomas and certifications on special fields that would potentially help people in getting gainful employment. Various universities and education institutions have started virtual classes online that students can attend and learn. For students who were not able to secure regular admission in their favorite subjects it is a golden opportunity because they can purse the curriculum online and get degrees.

The online degrees are also recognized by various authorities so they are as good as the degrees and diplomas obtained from regular institutions. The online concept has worked well because it allows children and adults to study from their home environment. The best thing about online education is that the student can learn at their own schedule and convenience. It is also possible for students to get expert help for their education online.

Online education also saves expenses because a student does not need to attend regular classes and also don’t have to spend on things like books and uniforms which are compulsory with educational institutions. Vocational courses are also available for people who want to acquire diplomas so that they get employed. Higher studies can be pursued while you are employed with the online studies for higher degrees which in turn would help in career promotions. Without web development this would not have been possible.

Dec 13

Joy rider Recumbent bike design

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Dec 13

Electric Bike-Design and usage

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